LCGC – Who we are

The Lung Cancer Group Cologne (LCGC) was founded at the Centre for Integrated Oncology (CIO) at University Hospital Cologne in 2005. At LCGC doctors and scientists work together with their teams to improve the therapy for lung cancer. We are convinced that to accomplish this, understanding the biological principles of lung cancer, an accurate molecular diagnosis and clinical studies that are based on biological comprehension have to go hand in hand with each other.

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  • Genmutation (Marker)

Translational Genomics

A requirement for developing new effective therapies for lung cancer is a precise understanding of  the molecular principles of this disease. Because of this, there is a close cooperation between the LCGC and working groups of translational genomics at the University of Cologne.


The Network Genomic Medicine (NGM) Lung Cancer was founded by the Lung Cancer Group Cologne in March 2010 to provide widespread molecular diagnostics of high quality for all patients with lung cancer in North Rhine-Westphalia and to promote the implementation of personalized therapy in the clinical health care. Today the NGM operates nationwide and is targeting a demographic coverage in Germany.


The Center for Integrated Oncology Cologne Bonn was established in 2007 and has been awarded prizes as the best oncologic center by German Cancer Aid repeatedly since 2008. In the network of the University Hospitals Cologne and Bonn, all clinics and institutes which are involved in diagnostics, treatment and care of patients with cancer, work together. Their target is to ensure a consistent and steady improvement of the treatment and care of cancer patients.


As a modern maximum care hospital with about 1.400 beds, the University Hospital of Cologne has dedicated itself to a scientific and innovative medicine and has an important role in research, teaching and patient care. More than 312.000 patients are treated at the University Hospital of Cologne annually; about 60.000 of those are stationary.